Established by Amanda Susan Stone in May 1859, Brokenburn was a cotton plantation on the Mississippi River in Carroll and Madison Parishs of Louisiana. Located about eight miles northwest of Milliken's Bend Landing, Brokenburn was 1,200 acres in extent. Amanda Stone purchased the property from the estate of William R. McAlpine for $40,000 at auction on 29 Jan 1859.

Brokenburn Plantation on 1863 map of Milliken's Bend area of Madison Parish, Louisiana

Brokenburn Plantation, Milliken's Bend area of Carroll and Madison Parishes, Louisiana (Exceprt from 1863 Map of Louisiana and Eastern Texas, Joseph Hutchins Colton)

Prior to the onset of hostilities in the American Civil War, Amanda Stone's family enjoyed a properous lifestyle at Brokenburn. Children living with her were:

  • William Ragan Stone
  • Sarah Katherine Stone
  • Coleman Stone
  • Frederick Walter Stone
  • James Armstrong Stone
  • John Beverly Stone
  • Amanda Rebeca Stone

Amanda Stone's husband, William Patrick Stone, died in about 1855. At the time of his death, the Stone family operated Stonington Plantation near Delta, Madison Parish, Louisiana

On 15 May 1861, Amanda Stone's oldest daughter, Sarah Katherine "Kate" Stone, began a journal that would chronical her experiences through the American Civil War and into the period of reconstruction that followed. Through the efforts of John Q. Anderson, the Louisiana State University Press published Kate Stone's journal, first in 1955, and in a second edition in 1972. Kate Stone's journal provides a unique description of life in Louisiana durig the Civil War and the challenges faced by southern refugees fleeing the Union Army through the eyes of a young woman.

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