John Battle (ca 1634 - 1690)

John Battle Land Grant, 14 Dec 1654John Battle immigrated to Nansemond County, Virginia in about 1654, and on 14 Dec 1654, he was granted 200 acres of land on the West Branch of the Nansimum River for the transport of his wife, Elizabeth Battle, and himself as well as Thomas Nowell, and Robert Wolfe to the Virginia Colony. John Battle may have been born in Yorkshire, England in about 1634; his parents may have been William Battell and Margaret Dukes.

On 25 Sep 1663, John Battle was granted 640 acres of land in North Carolina on the westward side of the Paspetank River, and on 25 Sep 1665, he was granted an additional 60 acres of land on the westward side of Paspetanke River, beginning on a point which parts this and land of Mrs. Fortsen, running southwest.

A son, William Battle, was born to John and Elizabeth Battle in 1682, likely in Pasquotank, North Carolina. John Battle was about 48 years of age. John and Elizabeth Battle likely also had a daughter Alsey Battle who apparently died young.

On 24 Apr 1682, John Battle was granted 580 acres in Kill Mary Swamp in Nansemond County, Virginia for the transport of 12 persons into the Colony.

John Battle died in about 1690 in Pasquotank County, North Carolina.

William Battle (ca 1682 - 1749)

William Battle was orphaned at age eight years with the death of his father in about 1690. He likely was born in Pasquotank County, North Carolina but following the death of his father, William Battle migrated to Nansemond County, Virginia where he was raised by guardians. William Battle and Sarah Hunter married in Nansemond County, Virginia in about 1702. William was about 20 years of age, and Sarah Hunter was about age 18 years. Sarah Hunter was likely a daughter of William Hunter. The Hunter family were among settlers who immigrated, together with the John and Elizabeth Battle family, to America from Yorkshire, England.

William Battle and Sarah Battle (Hunter) are known to have had at least five children:

William Battle, Jr., born in about 1707; John Battle, born on 30 Apr 1709; Mary Battle, born in about 1723; Elisha Battle, born on 9 Jan 1723; and Sarah Battle. Little is known about Sarah Battle, and she may have died young. All children of William and Sarah Battle likely were born in Nansemond county, Virginia.

On 27 Apr 1728, William Battle purchased land in Bertie County, North Carolina from James Williamson. According to the deed, William Battle was a resident of Nansemond County, Virginia at the time of purchase.

William Battle died in Nansemond County, Virginia in 1749 at age 67 years.

John Battle (30 Apr 1709 - 24 Apr 1740)

John Battle was born on 30 Apr 1709 in Nansemond County, Virginia, a son of William Battle and Sarah Battle (Hunter). At his birth, William Battle was about 27 years of age, and Sarah Battle was about age 25 years. John Battle likely was their second child.

In 1726, John Battle married Sarah Browne in Bertie County, North Carolina. John and Sarah Battle had at least four children: Jesse Battle, William Battle, Sarah Battle, and Prissila Battle. All children were likely born in Bertie County, North Carolina.

John Battle made a Will in Bertie County, North Carolina on 22 Apr 1740 and died two days later on 24 Apr 1740. The Will of John Battle names his wife Sarah Battle, sons William Battle and Jesse Battle, and daughters Prissila Battle and Sarah Battle. According to the Will, at the death of John Battle, Sarah Battle was with child. The Will also mentions William Battle, a brother of John Battle as well as John Brown, a brother of Sarah Battle (Browne).

After 1726, John Battle may have migrated to Wine Creek, Hertford County, North Carolina, America where he was a planter. At the birth of his son, Jesse Battle, John Battle was living in the part of Bertie County, North Carolina that was included in Hertford County, North Carolina in 1759.

According to the Will of John Battle, he had purchased 330 acres of land on Cattowskca Swamp from John Browne.

The Will of John Battle was proved in Bertie County, North Carolina Court on 20 May 1740.


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