Cornelis Nevius was born on 23 Apr 1691 in the Flatlands Township of Kings County, New York (163, Page 254). He was a son of Pieter Nevius and his wife Janetje Roelofse (Schenck) Nevius. At the birth of Cornelis, Pieter Nevius was 28 years old, and Janetje was about 25 years old.

In 1715, Cornelis Nevius appeared as a Private on the rolls of Captain Raulf Terhunen’s 51st Company of the Kings County, New York Militia (163, Page 255). Before 1727, Cornelis Nevius married Magdalena, likely in Kings County, New York (163, Page 254). The parents of Magdalena have not been identified.

During the period 1722 – 1 May 1742, Cornelius Nevius served as a Deacon in the Flatlands Dutch Church of Kings County, New York (163, Page 255).

Before 1727, Cornelis Nevius married in the Town of Flatlands (163, Page 254). The given name of his wife was Magdalena; her parents have not been identified. Five children were born to Cornelis and Magadalena Nevius: Peter in about 1728, Johannes in 1730, Jacobus in 1732, Janetje in about 1734, and Elizabeth Nevius in 1736 (163, Page 255).

A 1738 census of Flatlands records Cornelius Nefes as 44 years old (163, Page 255). A female more than 10 years old was presumably his wife Magdalene Nevius. Also living in the household were two males over 10 years old and two males less than 10 years old, as well as two females less than 10 years old.

The father of Cornelius Nevius, Pieter Nevius, died on 29 Apr 1740 in the Flatlands Township of Kings County, New York. At his father’s death, Cornelis was 49 years old.

On 6 Jun 1744, Cornelius witnessed a deed to the Flatlands Church (163, Page 255). In May 1749, he witnessed a deed by Peter Peterson, his wife Catherine, and Ann Peterson, a widow of Garrabrant Peterson of Somerset, for 492 acres adjoining a 9,000 acre tract to nephews of Cornelius Nevius, late of Long Island (163, Page 255).

Cornelis Nevius died in about 1760 (163, Page 254).


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